Teachers with Open Doors

Teachers with Open Doors (TWOD) is a grassroots teaching philosophy that emphasizes idea exchanges between teachers by means of social interaction and regular teacher-to-teacher classroom visits.

TWOD is the result of conversations between teachers of varying experience and subject areas lamenting the lack of support, especially for beginning teachers. A common observation is that so many teachers keep their doors closed, fearful of administrative observers and anxious of being deemed ineffective. The result of this is schools where students travel from disconnected teacher islands with no crossover in either management or curriculum. TWOD is an idea that addresses the psychological and professional harms that result from teacher isolation by having them open their doors.

Teachers with Open Doors advocates the following practices:

  • Teachers should open their classroom doors, confident in their status as professional educators
  • Teachers should actively seek peer-to-peer classroom observations
  • Teachers should give and receive constructive feedback
  • Teachers should meet socially to exchange ideas

Check out the Teachers With Open Doors FAQ.