Science Curriculum Project

The goal of the Science Curriculum Project is to produce cohesive instructional materials for entire courses designed to be implemented within secondary and post-secondary science classrooms. The project’s target audience is beginning and second-career science teachers, allowing them to begin their careers with instructional materials and mentoring from experts and veterans in their own field and grade-level. These materials will be unit driven and tied to relevant state and national science standards (FL NGSSS, CCSS, & NGSS). Materials will be derived from nationally and internationally recognized, experienced educators’ classroom-tested instructional plans including lesson outlines, supplementary materials, and accommodations (ELL, ESE, 504, etc.). In addition to these materials, the project will provide professional development to support teachers in the use of these materials, including training before implementation and ongoing feedback during the instructional process. Inherent in the iterative design of the project is application of user feedback, on-site observation data, and expert review to revise and improve the instructional materials. With the goal of reducing or eliminating the cost of textbooks and other instructional materials, all program content will be readily and easily editable, openly accessible, and free of charge.